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Rabu, 02 November 2016

Post Midterm Exam and October 2016 Mixtape

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Finally the midterm exam that took always 2 weeks is already done this morning. Phew, it was easy-uneasy exam tho but thanks god i can finish the midterm exam without any particullar woes, although I had a little trouble on the exam this morning. Yeah, i almost forgot what all i studied in the last night, i just... litlle clueless especially in number 5B. But... who cares. I'm in my way to my 4 days holiday. 

By the way it's already November tho, and it's time to share my October mixtape. Here we go:
1. Nogizaka46 - Sayonara no Imi
Yes, Nogizaka46's song again. This is last single for Hashimoto Nanami, it's her first center tho, it's a ballad song the song is good as i expect from Sony Music.

2. Avenged Sevenfold - The Stage
WHOAAA A7X with they new single (and soon a surprise release album) The Stage!! Finally after 3 years waiting from the boring Album Hail To The King, i can hear something like the old A7x again. Their new drummer, Brooks Wackerman was very very good and Synyster Gates guitar is better and better. 

3. GAC - Stronger
Finally an Indonesian song... I love this song when i watch them live in MEXPO 2016. After hear this song I just realize that Indonesia have lot of good music and musician. 

And the rest:
4. Nogizaka46 - Kodoku Kyoudai
5. L'Arc~en~Ciel - Vivid Colors
6. L'Arc~en~Ciel - and she said..

October 2016 is very very very hectic, MEXPO2016, College task, and midterm exam. But yeah.. all of them have a special memories, and an example for me to save memories is with this monthly playlist. See you in next month mixtape, then.

Bai bai~


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