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Rabu, 02 November 2016

Post Midterm Exam and October 2016 Mixtape

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Finally the midterm exam that took always 2 weeks is already done this morning. Phew, it was easy-uneasy exam tho but thanks god i can finish the midterm exam without any particullar woes, although I had a little trouble on the exam this morning. Yeah, i almost forgot what all i studied in the last night, i just... litlle clueless especially in number 5B. But... who cares. I'm in my way to my 4 days holiday. 

By the way it's already November tho, and it's time to share my October mixtape. Here we go:
1. Nogizaka46 - Sayonara no Imi
Yes, Nogizaka46's song again. This is last single for Hashimoto Nanami, it's her first center tho, it's a ballad song the song is good as i expect from Sony Music.

2. Avenged Sevenfold - The Stage
WHOAAA A7X with they new single (and soon a surprise release album) The Stage!! Finally after 3 years waiting from the boring Album Hail To The King, i can hear something like the old A7x again. Their new drummer, Brooks Wackerman was very very good and Synyster Gates guitar is better and better. 

3. GAC - Stronger
Finally an Indonesian song... I love this song when i watch them live in MEXPO 2016. After hear this song I just realize that Indonesia have lot of good music and musician. 

And the rest:
4. Nogizaka46 - Kodoku Kyoudai
5. L'Arc~en~Ciel - Vivid Colors
6. L'Arc~en~Ciel - and she said..

October 2016 is very very very hectic, MEXPO2016, College task, and midterm exam. But yeah.. all of them have a special memories, and an example for me to save memories is with this monthly playlist. See you in next month mixtape, then.

Bai bai~

Rwandwom Pwost.

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Seorang pemuda berjalan menelusuri hutan belantara
Di pagi yang berkabut dia terus mencari sesuatu
Sesuatu yang ia sendiri pun tak tahu
Setelah lelah berjalan ia pun menemukan jalan keluar dari hutan
Tetapi ia bukannya senang..
Malah dia kembali lagi ke dalam hutan berkabut itu
Entah apa yang dia mau cari
wahai pemuda sableng..